Spot Dog Walking Prices

Walks as low as $12.00!

Private On-Leash Dog Walks:

$5 per additional dog

15 Minute Walk

15 Minutes

30 Minute Walk

30 Minutes

45 Minute Walk

45 Minutes

60 Minute Walk

60 Minutes

Big Savings on Packages!


Individual Walks

Buy A 5-Pack

Buy A 10-Pack

15 Minute

$15.00 each

$14.25 each

$13.50 each

30 Minute

$20.00 each

$19.00 each

$18.00 each

45 Minute

$24.00 each

$22.80 each

$21.60 each

60 Minute

$27.00 each

$25.65 each

$24.30 each

Want a walk on the same day and time each week?

For every recurring walk you book, you will earn 10% in Spot Cash!

Spot Cash is automatically added to your account for redemption on future walks and walk packages.

We believe in giving back. Our greater purpose is to help and work with organizations that help our furry friends from veterinarians to fosters and most importantly shelters. Spot donates 10¢ for every 10 minutes walked, and over time that adds up.

To date, we have donated more than $10,000 to The Calgary Humane Society, BCSPCA, AARCS, Pawsitive Match and to The Toronto Humane Society. It’s important to us because the more pets we can help find homes, the more pets we can eventually serve!