Tips For Apartment Living

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Tips For Living In An Apartment With Dogs

Living in an apartment, especially a small one can sometimes be challenging. Making man’s best friend, our always loyal four-legged fellow our new roommate can be tough for a few reasons. Some persons, even argue that keeping a dog in a smaller space like an apartment is not really healthy for the dog. Well, here are a few tips to make sure that your pup experiences the best of both worlds; the space of a home and the convenience of apartment living!

  1. Know Your Breed

Different breeds thrive better in smaller spaces while some possess sizes and temperaments that are not in any way suited for a small apartment. You must also understand that just because a dog is small doesn’t mean he’ll be the best fit. Their temperament, energy, and hyperactivity should be looked into before you decide to adopt.

A quiet and polite dog is always great for apartments. When some dogs are separated and confined into a small space, they may start barking out of anxiety and frustration, disturbing your neighbours while you’re away.

Dogs like the Boston terrier, dachshund, bulldog, pug, etc., are very good choice for dogs that can easily adapt to apartment living.

  1. Communicate with your landlord

Before getting your furry friend, make sure that your apartment is generally dog-friendly and find out if there’s a pet deposit that is required by the building or landlord. Most buildings also have limits as to the size of the dog, so do well to bear all this in mind when getting your new pup.

If your apartment is quite small with few spaces for your pup to go outside, large breeds won’t be the best fit. However if you are heart set on having a large breed dog (as I am), you may want to offer a pet recommendation letter from previous landlords and set up a meet-and-greet with your new landlord.

  1. Make Your Pup Comfortable

Once you’ve brought your new roommate home and they are all settled in, one way to make sure that your doggie is the best behaved on the block is to make him comfortable. Giving him his own space in the corner of your apartment may go a long way in keeping him calm and relaxed. For his complete comfort, set up a dog bed, place a few toys, food and water and make it their space.

  1. Exercise Daily

Dogs are like people in that they also need fresh air. It can be tough staying inside all day without getting any attention. Whatever dog you’ve chosen, they should be walked at least once per day. While at working getting someone like a Spot Walker to get them some fresh air can be a great way to break up the monotony of being home alone.

Our dogs are a big commitment, so giving them this regular exercise is imperative to keep them happy and healthy.

  1. Follow a Routine

An established routine helps your dog not only adapt to apartment living but also thrive. Try to feed and take your furbaby for a walk at the same time every day, whether morning and/or evening. This way your pup masters the routine and knows what to expect daily, from when to wake up, eat, go for walks, play, and go to bed. At the end of the day, this develops a high level of comfort for both your pup and you, regardless of your apartment size.

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