Walker Portal

1. Follow the links to download the Spot App, or search Spot Canada in your App Store.
2. Select “Register”, and “Register as a walker” at the bottom of the registration page.
3. Select “Yes” to the credentials question, enter your information and select “Retrieve Walker Id Code.”
4. Select ‘Register’

1. To get started you must enter some basic profile information. You’ll b also to review and edit this info shortly after so it doesn’t have to be perfect.
2. New Password: Change to a password you can remember.
3. Service Location: Enter the areas you plan to service.
4. Service Availability (examples):
Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00
Evenings and weekends only5. Bio: Te more information you can provide the better.
– Include your love and passion for dogs, whether you own or have own or have owned a dog, and whether you have worked or volunteered with animals.
-Include any specific scheduling availability.
– Exclude details about how you are looking to earn a little extra cash/money.

1. You can adjust your selected radius at any time.
2. You will only receive notification from customers who live within your selected radius.
3. A pin will drop on the map at your current location. You can move the pin by tapping the map, or searching address or landmark. The location of the pin will be the location of your walker profile icon on the customer map.

4. Your location doesn’t have to be your address, just whatever works best for your to create your ideal radius.

Select ‘profile’ from the side menu:
1. Tap the blank space to add your icon photo, this is the small icon photo that will show up on the customer map.

2. Tap the pencil to edit your profile information.
3. Tap the + to add your profile picture. You can import multiple photos in this section this will be the feed of photos, in order, that the customer sees when viewing your profile.
Make sure to import high resolution ( smart phone camera is okay) photos with you and dogs. Selfies are not ideal. Tap on a specific photo to delete.
4. Tap the pencil to edit your radius.

5. You will receive a notification once your profile has been reviewed and approved. Your profile setting will be changed to available, at which point you can view and accept new walk requests.

1. If you ever want to check your profile from the customer perspective, just log out of the app and find your profile on the map. You will have basic access to the customer map while you are logged out. However you will not be able to see your profile on the customer map until it has been approved and activated.